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After a long night at work, an up and coming Baton Rouge defense attorney is found stabbed to death in her office.
19-year-old Kaysi McLeod disappears after an argument with her mother. Lori McLeod and her new husband, Scott Kimball, try desperately to find her.
Rob and Sabrina Limon seemed to have the perfect marriage. Then one night Rob didn't make it home.
Lauren McCluskey, a track star at the University of Utah, meets a new guy at a bar and falls for him.
A romantic Valentine’s Day evening at the park turns into a horrifying crime scene for married couple, Stacey and Richard Schoeck.
A New Jersey federal judge is the intended target during an attack at her home. Instead, her son and husband are shot when a gunman opens fire at their front door. A nation-wide man hunt begins for a killer on the loose.
Helene Pruszynski, an aspiring journalist, is found murdered in Denver, Colorado. Her friends and family begin a 40 year search to find her killer.

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Learn about the biggest boat elevator in Europe: the Strépy-Thieu Boat Lift in Le Rœulx, Hainaut, Belgium – which connects two Belgian waterways with a 240 foot height difference.
New Salem, North Dakota local Allan Tellmann talks about Salem Sue, the 38-foot tall fiberglass cow on School Hill that was created to commemorate the dairy industry.
While the Dateline team was in Zambia, we took a tour of Kafue National Park, one of the most popular destinations in Africa that attracts visitors from all over the world.
While the Dateline team was in Wausau, Wisconsin for an all-new Dateline, they heard that Wisconsinites have their own recipe to make an Old Fashioned cocktail... So we had Kimm Weber, the owner of the Timekeeper...
While in South Carolina for an all-new episode of Dateline, our producers came across a sweet 80-year tradition in Hampton County: a festival with ceremonies and parades dedicated to celebrating the yearly watermelon...
Right in the center of downtown Fort Worth, Texas is a 5-acre park known as the Fort Worth Water Gardens. While in town for an all-new mystery airing Friday, September 23 at 9/8c, our producers learned all about the...
It’s a simple life: wake up, surf, repeat. Learn more about the little slice of paradise known as Santa Teresa, Costa Rica from a local and an ex-pat. And tune in Friday, September 16 at 9/8c to see the story that...
While in Asheville, North Carolina, for a new episode of Dateline, our producers met local musician, teacher and historian of Asheville: Wayne Erbsen. Wayne told our producers a little more about the history of...
Producer Carol Gable typically works from her home office in South Carolina, but while she was in New York working on a story, we sat down at a guest desk to learn more about her (and her dog, Beau!)
Dateline sat down at the desk of program coordinator, Alexandra Lo Re to learn more about her.
Out on the West Coast, Dateline sat down at the desk of Rebeccah Glaser to find out a little bit more about her!
We caught up with Sarah Goode at her desk to find out a little bit more about her!
Learn more about Dateline assistant producer, Brittany Morris.
During this game of "Fill in the Blank," learn more about Dateline associate producer, Marissa Hoffman.
Dateline sat down at the desk of assistant producer Linda Zhang to learn more about her.
Meet Justin Ratchford, an assistant producer for Dateline. We sat down at his desk to learn some more about him.
Joseph James DeAngelo has pleaded guilty to 13 murders ascribed to the California’s “Golden State Killer.” The serial killer attacked women and couples throughout the 1970s through 1980s.
On February 12, 2010, shots rang out at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The shooting was just the beginning of an investigation that would lead many to wonder if it could have been prevented.
Between 1986 and 1989, at least eight people were murdered near or along Virginia’s Colonial Parkway by an apparent serial killer. The killer has never been caught.
In 1978, the bodies hundreds of followers of the Reverend Jim Jones were found, poisoned, in Jonestown, a jungle compound established in Guyana, a small South American country.
In February 2003, a shot rang out in famed music producer Phil Spector’s California mansion. Actress Lana Clarkson was dead, and thus began a six year legal process to convict a killer.
The Drew Peterson began in 2001 but ended up lasting more than a decade. Take a look back at the case in our Dateline Crime Capsule.
In September 2012, the search for Skylar Neese was intensifying. The FBI was called to help, and her parents began advocating for Skylar's Law. Take a look back at the case in Dateline Crime Capsule.
Ahead of next week's premiere of the new NBC show Timeless, we got to thinking... if you changed one moment in time, could you alter history? What about in the O.J. Simpson case? Timeless premieres Monday, October 3 at...